Why choose ePRONIX?

We offer the best digital experience for your business and its target audience through extensive market research. In conjunction with offering a user-friendly experience for all our clients.

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ePRONIX provides high quality services at minimal costs, ensuring the process is done quickly and efficiently.


Our staff are friendly and approachable, we explain our approaches to optimizing solutions for your business allowing you to gain a greater understanding of the service you will be receiving.


Our experienced team have worked on a variety of projects ensuring businesses expand themselves online. Our clients range from all sectors imaginable.

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Success Stories

“e-Pronix team assisted me with creating the content and designs for the app they developed for me. They also advised me on features to include”


The Nga7ny App allows students to find tutors in the local area. It helps students meet their needs and requirements. The students enhance their knowledge, allowing them to gain new skills and confidence. The app is user friendly and simple to navigate.

  • 05/ 06

Our Recent Projects

Naga7ny project has been produced so that it is a central portal for tutors and students to interact with each other. This allows tutors to focus on what they do best and not worry about marketing themselves.

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We are a team of young Entrepreneurs

We listen to all ideas and encourage creative ideas. We transform your innovative ideas into meaningful and effective projects.


All successful web projects start with a solid strategy, planning and business analysis. Our digital experts show you how exactly you can use the whole digital spectrum and acquire more customer by setting a perfect strategy.


We are a bunch of creative enthusiasts, with a strong focus on user experience and design. We think outside the box to make your brand stay in the spotlight. We enhance on your ideas to keep your business on top of the game.